GDS37xx - Wiegand Connection & Wiring Diagrams

  • Updated on March 14, 2024

Wiegand Input

GDS3710 package with 1 wiegand cable for wiegand Input/Output connection.

The following diagram show how to connect the Wiegand output device.


  • Please make sure connect the GND of wiegand device and GDS wiegand port.
  • For wiegand input mode, LED and Beep need Wiegand device support the interface and function, these two pins will not affect the wiegand bus when not connected

Wiegand Output

The following diagram show how to set GDS as Wiegand output device.


Description automatically generated

For wiegand output mode, only three pins need connect WG_D0_OUT, WG_D1_OUT and GND.

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