GVC32xx - Remote Control Client Guide

  • Updated on September 14, 2023


  1. Open the app, and access to the HOME screen;
  2. Tap on in the upper right corner to access to Settings screen (enable the Bluetooth at the same time automatically);
  3. Tap on to search for all available GVC devices in the range. Each discovered GVC32xx could be distinguished by the last 6 digits of its MAC address;
  4. Tap on the device name to start pairing;
  5. Once connected, users could see the GVC device name on cellphone screen.
  6. If “Vibrate on Touch” option is enabled, the cellphone will vibrate when pressing keys on keypad.


  1. Open the app, and access to the HOME screen;
  2. The functions of icons are as follows:
  1. Touch the screen with finger, and slide over the screen. Slide left / right or slide up / down in the blank area, then tap on screen to confirm the operation;
  2. Tap on or to slide left / right to switch the control panel. Use joystick or touchpad to control it.
  3. Adjust volume by pressing the volume key of the cellphone.


  1. Tap on to bring up the keyboard;
  1. Tap on to hide the keyboard.


  1. Tap on to access the camera control screen, and open PTZ panel;
  1. Tap on to hide the PTZ panel.


  1. This APP isn’t supported by GVC3212.
  2. The GVC remote client will enter sleep state when timeout, tap on screen to wake it up.
  3. If GVC32xx fails to connect to the remote control, please make sure the Bluetooth has been enabled, and go to Settings->General Settings to set “Disable Remote Control App Connect” to “No”.
  4. GVC remote client can connect to only one device at a time, please disconnect the existing device first if the user needs to switch device.
  5. Press the BACK key on your cellphone to exit the client.
  6. The PIP key only takes effect when switching video screens in conference.
  7. Press the PRESENTATION key in the conference to send presentation to all members. When GVC32xx is in standby state on HOME screen, users could also show presentation from a device connected to GVC32xx HDMI output 1 port.

The functions of main keys on GVC remote client are the same as GVC32xx Bluetooth remote control. For more details, please visit our website http://www.grandstream.com to download the latest ” GVC32xx User Guide”, and refer to chapter Remote Control.

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