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  • Updated on March 8, 2022

Using Earphone, Headset, Speakerphone or Handset

The GXV3380 allows users to switch among handset, speaker or headset (RJ9 headset, 3.5mm earphone, Plantronics EHS headset and Bluetooth headset) or USB headset (GUV3005/GUV3000 …) from the dial/call screen.

Under Dial Screen or during a call, tap on “Media Channel” in order to show the available audio channels:

  • Select “3.5mm Earphone” to use earphone once the earphone is connected to the 3.5mm headset port.
  • Select “RJ9 Headset” to use headset once the headset is connected to the RJ9 port.
  • Select “USB Headset” to use the device connected to your phone via USB as a media channel.
  • Select “Bluetooth” to use the device connected to your phone via Bluetooth as a media channel.
  • Select “Speaker” to use speaker. Or tap on the Speakerphone icon on the dial screen.
  • Select “Handset” or take handset off hook to use the handset.

Make a Call

  1. Take the handset off hook, or tap on telephone icon from idle screen.
  2. Select your account on the top left panel from the dial screen.
  3. Dial the target number (or IP address).
  4. Dial out :
  • Tap on icon to make an audio call
  • Or Tap on icon to make a video call.


  1. Take the handset off hook, or tap on telephone icon from idle screen. A list of dialed calls will be displayed on the left side of the dial pad.
  2. Tap on the number you would like to select for redial. Each number you select will be automatically added to the dial screen.
  3. Tap on the call icon to make either an audio or a video call.

Answer a Call

Single Incoming Call

  • Incoming Video Call: When GXV3380 rings, options “Video”, “Audio” and “Reject” will be showing on the incoming call screen.
  • Incoming Audio Call: When GXV3380 rings, two options will show, “Answer” (Audio) or “Reject”.
  • Missed Call: If a call is not answered, a missed call dialog prompt will be displaying the call details on he idle screen.

Multiple Incoming Calls

  • When there is another incoming call during an active call, users will hear a call waiting tone, while the LCD will show the new call on the left side of the ongoing call screen.
  • Similar to single incoming call, if the incoming call is video call, users can choose to Audio Answer or to Video Answer
  • Once the new call is answered, the current active call will be placed on hold. If the new call is rejected by tapping on “Reject” softkey, the current active call will not be interrupted.

Call Hold

Hold: During the active call, press softkey under “More” > ”Hold”.
Resume: To resume the call, press “Unhold” softkey on the bottom of the screen.

End Call

End a call by tapping on “End” icon . Or hanging up handset of the phone. Or the hang button from the headset if supported.

Call Transfer

Blind Transfer

  1. On ringing phase, tap on the “Transfer” Softkey displayed on the right of the ringing screen. Or, during an active call, tap on “More” >”Transfer” to bring up the dial screen.
  2. Select transfer mode as “Blind” in the upper left of the transfer screen.
  3. Enter the digits and tap on “Transfer” softkey.
  4. The GXV3380 will transfer the call then hang up.

Attended Transfer

  1. During the active call, tap on “More” > “Transfer” to bring up transfer screen.
  2. Select transfer mode as “Attended” by tapping in the transfer mode softkey in the upper left.
  3. Enter the transfer target number, and then press the green “Transfer” softkey on the right.
  4. Before transfer target answers the call, GXV3380 user hears the ringback tone and a dialog will prompt on the screen with “Transfer Now” and “Cancel” options:
  • Tap on “Cancel” to cancel the transfer.
  • Tap on “Transfer now” to force a blind transfer.
  1. After transfer target answers the call, a prompt will show, asking to complete the transfer with “OK”, “Split” and “Cancel” options:
  • If the user simply hangs up or taps on “OK” soft key, the call will be transferred, and GXV3380 will hang up.
  • If the user taps on “Split” soft key to separate the calls, the user will keep talking talk to the second established call while the first call is still on hold.
  • Tapping on “Cancel” will terminate the first call and unhold the initial call.


The GXV3380 supports up 7-way HD audio conferencing and 3-way 1080p 30fps HD video capability.

Initiate a Conference

Initiating conference from dial screen

  1. On the dial screen, enter the extension number then press to initiate either an audio or video call from the left panel.
  2. Users can dial another number by pressing “Invite” then add a new member to the ongoing conference.

Initiating conference during a phone call

  1. When the phone is on call screen, tap on “Conference” softkey ;
  2. Enter the new target number , then press on “Join Conference”. the conference screen will show automatically after the target answers the call.

Initiating conference directly using conference softkey

  1. On idle screen, press conference softkey.
  2. Tap on to add members to the conference.
  3. Once completing the member selection, tap on “Join Conference”

Remove Party from Conference

Tap on the participant (number) to show hang up icon.

End a Conference

Tap on “End” softkey to disconnect all the parties from the conference.


When there is a new voicemail, the MWI LED will blink in red on the upper right corner of the GXV3380 and the voicemail icon will show up in the status bar.

  1. Go to Voicemail application from the LCD Menu. All the registered accounts and the number of voicemails are displayed there.
  2. Tap on the account to dial into the voicemail box. Then follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for the message retrieval process.

The Voicemail User ID can be set for each SIP Account from Web GUI→AccountX→Call Settings: “Voice Mail Access Number”.


During an active call, tap on the “Mute” softkey to mute the call and press the “Unmute” softkey to resume audio.


  1. Touch and drag the status bar down on the GXV3380 idle screen.
  2. Tap on the DND icon to enable it. The status bar shows a red icon indicating DND is on.
  3. Tap again the DND icon to turn it off.

Volume Adjustment

  • Press key to decrease the volume.
  • Press key to increase the volume.


To access GXV3380 contacts from idle screen, tap on contacts icon in the right panel.

Call History

  1. To access the Call History, tap on call log icon in idle screen.
  2. Users can select a call history entry to call. The phone will use the same account as previously dialed out.
  3. For each call history entry, users could tap on the entry to access the details.

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