GSC35xx Music Streaming Guide

  • Updated on August 18, 2022

This document describes the basic concepts and steps to live stream your music via RTSP stream using your SIP Speaker GSC3510/GSC3505. In this guide we will be using VLC Media Player version 2.0.2 in order to setup the Music Stream.


Kindly help to install VLC Media Player 2.0.2 and help to proceed as follow:

  1. Open VLC and go to Media –> Open Network Stream
Figure 1: Open Network Stream

  1. Go to File, and click Add to select the media (mp3 format) to be played.
E:\Download\select file.PNG
Figure 2: Add Audio File

  1. Once the file is selected, help to click the triangle next to Play at the bottom and select Stream.
E:\Download\select stream.PNG
Figure 3: Select Stream Configuration
Figure 4: Proceed to Stream Settings

  1. On the next page, click Next in order to get to the page configure RTSP Path and to select audio format.
  2. On this step, start by setting up Transcoding Options‘ Profile to: Audio – MP3. In Destination section, set New Destination to RTSP then click Add.
Figure 5: Destination and Transcoding Configuration

  1. Please set the RTSP Port to be used and make sure to set the Path as below example and click Next.

Note: For the GSC35XX, it supports playing audio files in .ts (.mp3) format. For example: rtsp://ip_address/musicFile.ts.

Figure 6: RTSP Port and Path Configuration

  1. Once the Port and Path for RTSP and Transcoding Profile are set then you can click on Stream for the media to start streaming live.
E:\Download\ready to go.PNG
Figure 7: Start Audio Streaming


Please proceed from GSC35XX web interface –>Applications –> Music and set Audio file address field with following Path to music.ts file: rtsp://IP of Computer running VLC:RTSP Port/Path then click Save and Play.

Figure 8: GSC35XX Configuration


The table below indicates the supported models with the minimum required firmware:



GSC3505/GSC3510 or Higher

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