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  • Updated on February 21, 2024


The latest FacebookTM Messenger application can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Here are the application downloading steps on GVC3200/GVC3202:

  1. On the GVC3200/GVC3202 main screen, select “Applications”.
Figure 1: GVC3200/GVC3202 Main Screen
  1. Select “GS Market”.
Figure 2: GVC3200/GVC3202 Applications
  1. Select “Google Play” to download, and it will be installed on the GVC3200/GVC3202.
Figure : GVC3200/GVC3202 Applications->Download Google Play
  1. Open Google Play and sign in with your Google account.
Figure 4: Sign In Google Account in Google Play
  1. In Google Play, search for FacebookTM Messenger, and install the application.
Figure 5: Install FacebookTM Messenger from Google Play

Note: When there is an updated version of FacebookTM Messenger in Google Play, users could go to GVC3200/GVC3202 main menu->Applications to open Google Play->Messenger, and then select “Update” to update the app on the GVC3200/GVC3202.


On GVC3200/GVC3202, FacebookTM Messenger works similarly as on other AndroidTM platform devices. This section describes the main functions such as making call, receiving calls and other behaviors when Messenger app is used on GVC3200/GVC3202.


Open FacebookTM Messenger from GVC3200/GVC3202 main screen->Applications. The user must have a FacebookTM account, or have a phone number ready for signing in.

In the following sign-in interface, use the GVC remote control trackpad to tap on the “Email or phone” and “Password” fields to activate the onscreen keyboard and enter login credentials. Then tap on “Continue”.

Figure 6: Sign In FacebookTM Messenger with FacebookTM Account

If no facebook account, the user can select “NOT ON FACEBOOK” on the bottom of the screen. Then log in using phone number in the following sign-in interface. Tap on “Continue”.

Figure 7: Sign In FacebookTM Messenger with Phone Number

There is no Sign Out option in FacebookTM Messenger app. If the user would like to log off while keeping the app on the GVC3200/GVC3202, go to the GVC3200/GVC3202 main screen->Settings->System->Apps. Locate the Messenger app and tap on “Clear Data”. The account in FacebookTM Messenger will be signed out.

Figure 8: Settings->System->Apps->Messenger
Figure 9: Clear Data to Sign Out from Messenger

Note: If the user has already signed in FacebookTM Messenger on the GVC3200/GVC3202, by default it will always automatically signed in after the GVC3200/GVC3202 reboots.


Open FacebookTM Messenger on the GVC3200/GVC3202, and the user could use the GVC remote control keypad and trackpad to navigate the functions.

Figure 10: Main Interface

Note: When using the app, the user will need use both navigation keys and trackpad of the GVC remote control for the functions.


  1. Select a contact in the messege list. Click on OK on the remote control to open it.
  2. Click on the video call icon, or the audio call icon to make a call to the contact.
Figure 11: Make a Call

Note: Video calling is available between FacebookTM Messenger apps on mobile devices. The call between mobile device and desktop client is audio only at the moment, which relies on the capability of FacebookTM Messenger app/client.


When there is an incoming call, the caller’s profile picture and name will be displayed in the notification screen.

Figure 13: Incoming Audio Call
Figure 13: Incoming Audio Call


During the call with FacebookTM Messenger, users have the following options.

  • Mute
  • Video ON / Video OFF
  • PTZ Control

To adjust PTZ for GVC3200/GVC3202 camera during Messenger call,

  1. Press the CAMERA button on the GVC remote control. A UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT panel will be shown up in the middle of the screen.
  2. Press UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT on GVC to adjust position, and press ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT buttons on GVC remote control trackpad to adjust zoom.
  3. Press BACK button on the GVC remote control trackpad to exit PTZ mode.
  4. Go to GVC3200/GVC3202 Applications and open Messenger again to return to the call.


  1. Besides the above options, users could also use the BACK function key on GVC remote control trackpad to go back to the previous interface within FacebookTM Messenger app.
  2. Function keys on GVC remote control such as MUTE, End Call, PIP, and Presentation will not work during calls using FacebookTM Messenger. Users need to use the trackpad to navigate and select options/icons in FacebookTM Messenger, in order to use the supported functions by FacebookTM Messenger.
  3. During an ongoing call, if another user tries to call the Messenger user, it will show the user is currently in another call.
  4. Bridging SIP call with FacebookTM Messenger call is currently not supported on the GVC3200/GVC3202.


On GVC3200/GVC3202, users can use Messenger to chat with other individuals or in groups. An external keyboard connected via USB or Bluetooth to the GVC3200/GVC3202 is recommended for chat.

The following functions can be used by the Messenger app installed on GVC3200/GVC3202.

  • Send text
  • Send Emoji
  • Send photo
  • Take a photo or video clip to send
  • Record voice to send

The options are located on the bottom of the chat window.

Figure 14: Chat Options

If the FacebookTM Messenger is running in the background of the GVC3200/GVC3202, the user will get a notification icon on the GVC3200/GVC3202 screen when there is a new message from chat. It’s a small round floating icon with the profile picture of the message sender. The user could use the GVC remote control trackpad to drag it to other location of the screen. Tapping on that icon will open the chat to retrieve the message.

Figure 15: Messenger Chat Icon on GVC3200/GVC3202 Main Screen


On the Messenger app, use the GVC remote control to navigate to “Group” tab. Users could view the current groups with the members’ names listed, create new group, and select a group to initiate conversation.

Figure 16: Group in FacebookTM Messenger

*Android is a Registered Trademark of Google, Inc.

*FacebookTM is a registered trademark Facebook Inc.

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