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Grandstream UCM6300 series offers the Onsite Meetings feature, a new way to manage and organize onsite meetings. This feature allows administrators to create onsite meeting rooms, specify meeting room locations, schedule meetings, and add conferencing equipment. Wave users can view the scheduled meetings for each room, and create meetings when the room is available. This guide is a step-by-step walkthrough to configure the Onsite Meeting feature and schedule an Onsite Meeting.


In order to have Onsite Meeting feature available for the users to use, we need first to configure the office buildings, the meeting rooms, and the equipment. To do that, please follow the instructions below

Create an Office Building

In this tab, create the office buildings and add information like the name, the address, and the floors that the office consists of.

First, log into the UCM user interface using an admin account, then navigate to Other Features → Onsite MeetingAddress Management, then click on “Add”.

Add Office Building

Then click “Save”

Add Equipment

In this tab, add the equipment that each meeting room provides, this will help the user decide which room has the adequate equipment for the meeting. To add an equipment, navigate to Equipment tab, the click “Add”, then enter the name of the equipment and click “Save”

Add Equipment

Create a Meeting Room

To create a meeting room, please click navigate to Room Management tab, then click on “Add“.

Add Meeting Room


Enter the name of the meeting room.

Office Building

Select the office building and the floor where the room is located.

Participant Capacity

Enter the maximum capacity of the room.


Enter the equipment that are available in the room.

Meeting Photo

Upload the photo of the meeting room.

Azimuth Map

Upload the Azimuth Map of the building


Enter a remark

Once an Onsite Meeting room has been created, it can be found in Wave’s interface under Meetings -> Meeting List. Please see the screenshot below of Wave Desktop/Web and Wave Mobile Application.

Meeting List – Wave Desktop/Web Client
Meeting List Wave Mobile Client


Using the UCM User Interface

The UCM administrator can schedule an Onsite Meeting directly from the UCM’s web user interface. To do that, navigate Other Features → Onsite Meeting Scheduled Meeting, then on the room you want to use, please select the specific time when the meeting is going to start and when it is going to end, as shown in the screenshot below. The intervals highlighted in orange in the timeline indicate that a meeting has already been scheduled in that period of time.

Schedule an Onsite Meeting

Once the meeting has scheduled, it can previewed in Pending Meeting tab

Using Wave Desktop/Web

To schedule a meeting using Wave Desktop/Web, please log into Wave using your extension’s credentials then navigate to “Meetings” tab on the sidebar, then click “Schedule”.

Schedule Meeting
Schedule an Onsite Meeting

Select the meeting room and the time when the meeting starts and ends:

Onsite Meeting Scheduled

Using Wave Mobile Application

To schedule a meeting using Wave Mobile Application, make sure that you are logged in first into your account, then select “Meetings”, then tap “Schedule

Meeting Tab – Wave Mobile

The enter the information of the meeting in their respective parameters.

Select Onsite Meeting – Wave Mobile

For Type, select “Onsite Meeting”, then tap “Onsite Meeting Room” and select the meeting room.

Onsite Meeting Scheduled – Wave Mobile

Then select the time which the meeting is going to start, and which time it is going to end. Then tap “OK”.

Tap OK to create the Onsite Meeting.
Then the scheduled meeting will appear in All Meetings

If the user wants to check the scheduled meetings or quickly schedule one, he/she can do it through the Meeting Room tab.


The UCM manages the notifications for the Onsite Meetings in order to inform the invited people about the time, the location, and the duration of the meeting. Invitations can be sent over Wave or email.

Wave Notification

Once an onsite meeting has been created, a notification will be sent to the invitees as a message by the Meeting Assistant.

Wave Notification

To view more information about the meeting, click on Details.

Onsite Meeting Details

When the meeting starts, Wave will send an alert to the user indicating that meeting has been added.

Meeting Starting Alert

Once meeting has ended, the Meeting Assistant will send a notification indicating that the meeting has ended.

Email Notification

Once a meeting has been scheduled, an email notification will be sent to the invitees with all the details regarding the meeting. Please note to be able to send the email invitations, Email Settings should be configured prior to the meeting scheduling.

Onsite Meeting Email Invitation

5 minutes before the meeting, the UCM will send a reminder to the user through email, and it will be similar to the example below.

Onsite Meeting Email Reminder

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