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  • Updated on January 19, 2024


GRP Click2Dial is a lightweight web browser extension which integrates with Grandstream GRP260x series seamlessly. It allows users to log in GRP260x via its IP address to click-to-dial, search for contacts, make calls and answer calls quickly. The GRP Click2Dial add-on helps reduce manual operations on the physical phone, improves work productivity and efficiency.

GRP Click2Dial

Some of the highlighted features are:

  • Access GRP260x for click-to-dial from web browser.
  • Click to call phone numbers from any web pages.
  • Search contacts by name, phone number or email, view presence status and make calls.
  • Incoming call pop-up notifications.
  • Diverse call functions: call establishment, hangup, call hold and resume, line selection, etc.

Install Click2Dial Extension

Starting from firmware version, Grandstream GRP260x IP phones support Click2Dial Add-in on various web browsers.

Here are the Add-in links for each web browser:

The steps to install Click2Dial Extension are shown below:

1. Click one of the link above for the Grandstream GRP Click2Dial Add-on for your browser.


2. Click the “Get” button on the web page.

3. Click “Add extension” on the prompt to install the extension successfully.

Click2Dial Extension Usage

  • Click the Click2Dial Add-on button on your web browser toolbar and select “Grandstream GRP Click2Dial”.
  • On the prompt, fill out the GRP260x’s IP address and user password (Default user password is 123).

It is strongly recommended to modify the user password before using the add-on for security purpose.


From the GRP260x web UI—Phone Settings—Call Settings—Outgoing, the “Click-To-Dial” Feature needs to be enabled.

  • After successfully logging in, users can use this app to dial. Just input the number and click “Call”.
  • After the call is established, users can hold/resume, and end the call from the app.

Available features

Outgoing calls

  • Click to call phone numbers or contacts names from any web page.

For the name selection to work, the name you select must be saved as a contact in your GRP260x’s phonebook.

  • If the name you select has multiple entries in your phonebook, the click2dial app window will display an arrow for you to select the desirable one.
  • Search contacts by name, phone number or email, view presence status and make calls.
  • If the GRP260x has multiple registered accounts, users can choose which account they want to use for the call directly from the app page.
  • When there are multiple ongoing calls, the app page will be displayed as shown below:

(Account 2 is on hold, Account 1 is connected.)

Incoming call

  • Incoming call pop-up notifications.

When there is an incoming call, the web page will pops up a window to remind the user.

Supported Devices

Device Name

Click2Dial Supported

Firmware Required


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher


Yes or higher

Click2Dial Supported

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