GVC3220 – Deployment Guide

This document illustrates recommended usage scenario for users to have ultimate experience on the audio and video effect.

Figure 1: Recommended Usage Scenario
  • Optimal temperature: 15 – 25℃
  • Optimal humidity: 50 – 80%
  • Light: It would directly affect the video experience if the light is too bright or too dim. Avoid use under a variety of mixed light sources or direct light. It is recommended to use GVC3220 under natural light with light intensity above 500lux. In addition, you can also set different picture mode to adapt to special scenarios as needed.
  • Noise level: GVC3220 is recommended to be used in relatively quiet meeting rooms with environment noise lower than 50dB.

Option 1. Mount on wall with mount bracket. The recommended installation height is 1.5 – 2.0m. Considering the blind spot of the lens, the horizontal distance between GVC3220 and the conference table should be 1 to 1.5 times the installation height.

Figure 2: Installation Option 1

Option 2. Place on desktop. Adjust the angle of the camera to a suitable position through the remote control.

Figure 3: Installation Option 2
  • Recommended conference table height is 0.8m.
  • Install in the middle area of meeting room to ensure GVC3220 captures all participants.

Deployment Methods

GVC3220 can be used with different audio devices according to requirements. This article introduces the deployment plan with GMD1208 wireless microphone.

1. Medium-sized meeting room.

In this scenario, it is recommended to use GVC3220 with one GMD1208.

  • When installing, face the GVC3220 at the participants seats, and make sure there is no obstacle in between.
  • Place the GMD1208 on the conference table. Participants are seated in front of GVC3220 and within 5 meters range of GMD1208 to ensure the best voice effect.
Figure 4: Medium-sized meeting room, recommended for 5 – 10 participants.

2. Large conference room.

In this scenario, it is recommended to use GVC3220 with two GMD1208s.

Figure 5: Large conference room, recommended for ~20 participants.

3. Remote classroom.

  • Install the GVC3220 and place two GMD1208s on both sides of the classroom to deploy a real time classroom.
  • Remote student or teacher can connect to online class now.
Figure 6: Online remote classroom deployment.

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