GVC32XX Series - Remote Control Upgrading Instructions Guide

  • Updated on February 21, 2024

This document describes the detailed steps to upgrade the GVC32XX remote control software version. Upgrading remote control makes sure the remote control has the latest software which contains new fixes. For issues such as touchpad on remote control is not working, please follow below operations to upgrade and restore it.


  • Please make sure GVC32XX is using the latest official or Beta firmware in Grandstream website: https://www.grandstream.com/support/firmware
  • Please make sure your remote control is paired with GVC32XX device.
  • It is recommended to replace a new battery on your remote control to ensure sufficient battery supply for upgrading process.


Install Remote Control App

Step 1: On your PC, download remote control firmware from the following link:


Step 2: Unzip the package. Open the folder and find file “upgrade_rmt.apk”. Copy file “upgrade_rmt.apk” to a USB flash drive plugged in the PC.

Step 3: Plug in USB flash drive into GVC32XX USB port.

Step 4: On GVC32XX, proceed from File Manager🡪 USB Disk, click on “upgrade_rmt.apk” to install it.

Figure 1: Application

Figure 2: File Manager

Step 5: If you see “Install blocked” prompt, please proceed from the Menu: Settings🡪 System🡪 Security, enable “Unknown Sources” option.

Figure 3: Settings
Figure 4: Unknown Source

Step 6: After allowing Unknown Sources Installation, please go back to File Manager->USB Disk, click on “upgrade_rmt.apk” to install it.

Figure 5: Install Remote Control
Figure 6: Open App


Following table shows Grandstream products supporting remote control upgrade.



GVC3200/3202 or higher

GVC3210 or higher

GVC3220 or higher

Table 1: List of Supported Products

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