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GWN Cloud AP - Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade Guide


First thing to do is to upgrade your AP firmware from version 1.0.5.x to Cloud version for GWN 7600&7600LR or for GWN7610.

Before Upgrade

  • Please make sure all APs including Master and Slaves are all online.
  • Please backup your configurations by steps below:
  1. Login master AP’s web.
  2. Navigate to page System Settings → Maintenance → Upgrade.
  3. Use “Download Configuration” to download a backup configuration file to your PC.

Upgrade Steps

If you want to upgrade GWN7600LR, please change the firmware name to “gwn7600lrfw.bin” before you upgrade GWN7600LR.

Figure 1: Fill Firmware Server Information
  1. Login master AP’s page and navigate to System Settings → Maintenance → Upgrade.
  2. Fill the firmware server information: is only an example. Please use your file server address.

  1. Navigate to page “Access Point”.
  2. Check all slave APs
  3. Click “Upgrade” to trigger upgrade of all checked APs.
  4. Navigate to System Settings → Maintenance → Upgrade.
  5. Click on “Upgrade” to upgrade master.
  6. After master AP finish upgrading, re-login its web. At this moment, you will be able to see all APs are on or in “Access Points” page. Now, you can start to transfer your APs on to GWN Cloud.


Before starting transfer, please make sure all your APs are online.

Transfer Steps

  1. Navigate to page “Access Points” on local master AP.
  2. Click on “Transfer” button to transfer AP to cloud or click on “Transfer Network Group” to transfer the AP and its relevant configurations to cloud.
  3. You will be redirected to GWN Cloud page, and login.
  4. Choose the transfer destination Network in our GWN Cloud account and start transfer.
  5. You should be notified with transfer success after process is done. You can also check if all your APs shows under your GWN Cloud account’s access point list.


If you have any need of 1.0.5.x firmware, you still can downgrade your APs.

Before you degrade GWN7600LR, please change the firmware name to “gwn7600fw.bin”.

Downgrade Steps

  1. Choose the Network that your AP belongs to.
  2. Navigate to System → Upgrade → Device.
  3. Click on “Firmware”.
  4. Click on Tag “Customized Version”.
  5. Use “Click to upload the BIN file” to upload gwn7610fw.bin of 1.0.5.x on to GWN Cloud.
  6. After finishing upload, go back to Device page.
  7. Check the APs that you need to downgrade.
  8. After at least one AP is checked, “Upgrade” button will light up. Click “Upgrade” and choose your customized firmware to perform downgrade.

At this point, you can recover your original local master network setup by uploading the backup configuration file you copied previously.

  1. Login as master onto the original master AP unit.
  2. Navigate to “Access Points” page and add all original slaves back.
  3. Navigate to System Settings → Maintenance → Upgrade.
  4. Upload master configuration file.


  • After AP transfers to cloud, the DHCP settings will lost, for current cloud management version does not support DHCP Server.
  • After AP upgrade to or firmware, monthly and annually schedule policies which are scheduled in 1.0.5.x will be invalid.
  • After downgrade, all APs will automatically perform factory reset. If you see device blinks in purple after all process is done, it usually indicates downgrade success.
  • SSID will be temporarily inaccessible when AP executes upgrade.

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