UCM63XX Local PMS Guide

  • Updated on June 28, 2023

Property Management System (PMS)  is a software application used in the hospitality industry to automate some hotel functions such as guest booking, guest details, etc…

Grandstream UCM63XX series have integrated a lightweight Local PMS providing the following hospitality features: set Room Status, Wake-up call, and more. For the use of small and medium properties without the need of integrating a 3rd party PMS software.

Supported PMS Features

The UCM63xx supports a built-in PMS system targeting budget chain hotels, it gives the possibility to UCM administrators and Hotel staff to operate the check-in / check-out, and log customers’ check-in information through the PMS user interface.

The features available on the Default PMS are as shown below:


Room Management ( Add Rooms)

Room Status (Check-in/Check-out records, Room availability view)

Wake-up service

Maid Service

Basic Settings

In order to use the Local PMS service on your UCM63XX, the PMS Module needs to be defined and set to “Local PMS”, this configuration can be done on the Basic settings tab as shown in the screenshot below, to access the PMS settings, Click on Other Features, and Choose PMS on the drop-down menu:

PMS Basic Settings Page

Below are the definitions of the configuration parameters available for the Local PMS.



Wakeup Prompt

A customized prompts that can be played when the wakeup call is answered. To customize it please navigate to PBX Settings 🡪 Voice Prompt 🡪 Custom Prompt

Back Up Voicemail Recordings

Back up voicemail recordings to external storage after check-out, 

When Enabled, The user can set the SFTP server for storage purposes by defining the following attributes : 

  • Email Address: Configure the email address to send the backup to.

  • Account: Configures the account on the SFTP server.

  • Password: Defines the account password

  • Server Address: Defines the SFTP server address (e.g., xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:22).

  • Destination Directory: Specify the directory in SFTP server to save the voicemail recordings to. Format: "xxx/xxx/xxx". If this directory does not exist, UCM will create this directory automatically.

  • Test the Connection: This option tests the connection to the SFTP server defined.

Automatically Clear Wakeup Calls

Scheduled wakeup calls for rooms can be cleared upong checking in or checking out.

  • None: The wakeup calls won't be automatically cleared.

  • Check out: The wake up calls assigned to the guest will be cleared when they check out.

  • Check In: The wake up calls assigned to a guest will be cleared when a new client checks in.

Automatically Clear Wave Chat History

If enabled, room Wave chat history will be automatically cleared upon check-in or check-out.

Automatically Reset User/Wave Password

If enabled, the User/Wave password of the room extension will be automatically reset to a random password upon check-out.

Room Management

The room management service offers the possibility to manually add rooms to the Local PMS User interface, either individually or by applying a batch addition for multiple rooms.

To do that, select Room Management, then either:

Add room manually

Adding Room Manually

Enter the address, room number, and two extensions that match the room number from the list of available extensions,

Assign an Extension to the Room

If only one extension is needed, Extension 2 can be set to “None”

After the Extension(s) is set, Define the Call Privilege to be one of the following options: Internal, Local, National, or International


After guest checkout, any changes made to the calling privilege of the room’s extensions during the check-in period will be automatically reset to the “internal” Privilege.

Batch Add rooms

Select the Batch Add Rooms :

Batch Add Rooms

Begin with the Start address number, the Start room number, and the Start extension number,

Batch Add Rooms Page

In case you want to configure two extensions Per Room, Switch the number of extensions from one extension to two, this will generate two extensions per Room number, as shown in the example below :

Batch Room Addition with two extensions

then add the create number that defines the total number of rooms with the corresponding extension(s):

Batch Add Rooms

  • Please note that if the user is using “Batch Add Rooms”, he/she can only add 100 rooms at a time.
  • Please note that the number of the rooms is limited by the maximum number of extensions, assuming that each room has been assigned only one extension. The user needs to account for the rooms which have two extensions.

Furthermore, the Call Privilege can be configured to set call types to Internal, Local, National, and International

Setting up the call privilege

Finally, you can preview the created Rooms with their corresponding extension(s) by clicking the Button The Preview will appear as follows:

Preview of the rooms added with their corresponding extension

Once the rooms are added with their corresponding extensions, the User can have an overview of the Address, the Check-in status ( defined on the room status tab ), and the Extensions of the available rooms.

Room Management Preview

Delete Selected Rooms

to Delete a specific room, Click the icon and then confirm the deletion by pressing “OK”

To delete Multiple rooms, check the box corresponding to each Room :

then Click on the button to perform the action.

To delete all rooms, select all available rooms then click

Room Status

Once the rooms are created, they will all be displayed in the Room status section with the status being either Check-out or Check-in, The attributes that are displayed are :

  • Room Number: Displays the Room Number.
  • Check-in status: Displays Check-in Status, either Checked-in or Not Checked-in.
  • Check-in / Check-out: Changes the Check-in state of the room.
  • Room Status: Displays the current Room Status of the room, it can be set to Available, Cleaning, Repairing, Cleaned, Room dirty, or Room closed, this gives the hotel staff a global view of the current state of all Property Rooms.
  • Customer name: Displays the Customer’s first and last name.
  • Guest Category Code: Displays the Guest Category code, Guest codes are individualized to residents so they can be issued to their visitors.
  • Arrival date: Displays the Customer’s Arrival date.
  • Expected departure date: Displays the Customer’s Expected departure date.
  • Options: By clicking the icon you can configure other hidden attributes related to the Room occupation.
Room Status

Modify Room Status

Once the room is created, you can configure additional attributes that are not displayed on the main page, to do that :

  1. Click the Edit options Icon
  2. the mandatory fields with the red star next to them will be already set since a Room status can not be marked as Checked-in if these attributes are not defined.
  3. Define additional attributes such as Guest account, Guest Credit Money, Guest’s Language, Call privileges ( Set to internal by Default ), and the Maid code that is defined on the Maid service tab.
Modify Room Status

The room status is defined based on the current state of the Room, It can be set to the following states: Available, Cleaning, Repairing, Cleaned, Room Dirty, Room Closed.

Check-in Procedure

The Check-in Procedure requires the hotel staff member to enter specific attributes about the Guest’s information, We will look at the example below to understand the procedure:

  • The hotel staff member clicks on the Check-in Icon
  • The following prompt is displayed :
Check-in Window
  • The Hotel staff member defines the Room Status from the drop-down menu, Fills in the mandatory fields that are: The Arrival date, Expected Departure date, and Call Privileges.
  • The Hotel staff member can also fill in the optional fields such as the first and last name of the Customer, Guest Account, Guest Category Code, Guest Credit Money, and Language.
  • Finally, Click on “OK” and the Check-in status will be set to “Checked-in”

Check-out Procedure

Once a customer has left the property, the status of the room should change to “Not Checked-in” by Default, In Order to do that Click on the Icon and then Click “OK”

Check-in and Check-out History

You can check the records of Check-in/Check-out actions by clicking on the as shown in the screenshot below :

Check-in/Check-out Records

Once on the Check-in-Check-out History page, you can choose to delete a specific entry by clicking the icon next to the Record.

You can also search for a specific entry in the search filter, you can search by Room Number, Customer name, Arrival date, or Actual Check-Out date.

To delete all the records, Click on the icon.

Delete Records

Once the Delete records button is pressed , all the Check-in/Check-out History Records are deleted immediately without a confirmation pop-up

Wake-up Service

In some cases, guests will request the hotel staff to wake them up at a specific time, you can do that by configuring a wake-up time related to the room number of the guest, where the specific IP phone on that room will ring the extension related to the room number at that specific time, this option is supported on the integrated local PMS on the UCM63XX.

Wake-up service creation

The settings can be defined as follows :

  • Select the wake-up service Tab, Click to create a new wake-up schedule
Wakeup Service
  • The configuration consists of defining some attributes such as :
    1. Room number: The room number on which the phone extension will ring at a specific time.
    2. Repeat Cadence: Determines whether the wake-up service will be repeated daily or once
    3. Wake-Up Time: Specifies the Exact wake-up time.
  • Once saved, the status will be marked as shown below :

Wake-up service change

  • In Order to change an already-defined wake-up service, Click the icon , there will be an option to cancel the Wake-up service, if already defined, you can also change the Repeat cadence to daily if desired
  • The newly Displayed entry will be :

Wake-up service deletion

  • To delete a specific wake-up service, Click the icon ,Confirm the deletion by Clicking “OK”

Maid Service

The cleaning services in Hotels and properties can be managed thanks to the Maid service configuration option, this can be done by assigning a specific code and password to each available maid, these credentials will be used by the maids to change the status of the room to “Cleaning” or “Cleaned” by entering the specific PMS feature code followed by their credentials on the IP phone related to the Room number, this will help the Property manager to control the current state of the rooms, the specific person that was responsible for the cleaning task and also to enhance security protocols.

In order to configure the Maid service on the UCM63XX :

  • Click on the Maid Tab of the Local PMS, Then Click to add new Maid credentials
  • Add the Maid code and Password 
  • Once confirmed, Click save and the Maid credentials will be displayed on the main page

The Maid credentials defined on the UCM are unique and can be linked to any available room defined on the Room management with the corresponding Extension, this can be done by setting up a feature code specific to each Maid credential.

PMS Feature codes

The Local PMS service includes a pre-defined feature codes section exclusive for the PMS actions such as :

  • PMS Wakeup service
  • Update PMS Room Status
  • PMS Remote Wake-up Service

The feature codes can be accessed on the UCM, by accessing Call features=> FeatureCodes => Feature Codes Tab

These feature codes are dialed from the endpoint available in the hotel room or from the reception to trigger a specific action, these actions are communicated by an IVR system in the IP phone to give the user options to choose which action to perform exactly,

We will distinguish between the available options available for each action individually

PMS Wakeup Service

The PMS Wakeup Service can be accessed by dialing the feature code *35. PMS Wakeup Service can be added, updated, activated, or deactivate based on the choices given by the IVR system, pressing a specific number can trigger the corresponding action.

For example, the IVR will be programmed to prompt the user to press “1” to add a wake-up service, Press “2” to update a wake-up service, Press “3” to activate a wake-up service, or Press “4” to deactivate a wake-up service

Update PMS Room Status

The status of the Room can be updated in two ways

1. Dial the room status feature code + maid code, listen to the prompt and then dial the appropriate key for the desired room status, this will trigger an IVR response asking you to choose either “Room Cleaning service” by clicking “1”, or Room repair service by clicking “2”

Example: A maid with maid code 0001 dials *230001, listens to the room status options prompt, and then dials 1 to change room status to Available.

2. Dial room status feature code*maid code*desired room status option key to quickly change the room status without needing to go through the system voice prompts.

Example: Maid with maid code 0001 dials *23*0001*1 to change room status Available, that is in the case where the maid already knows the corresponding codes for each room status

PMS Remote Wakeup Service

Dial this code to add, update, activate, and deactivate the PMS wakeup service for other extensions. this feature is used in the reception to manage many endpoints at the same time, to do that you can enter the Room’s Extension number followed by the Pound “#” key.

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